Counterfeit Notice

Notice of counterfeit items

Please use caution as counterfeit products of our clubs are being sold.


Please use caution as counterfeit products of our clubs are being sold in internet sales, internet auctions, etc.

Our Product can be only found from legitimately aunthorized dealer on our homepage.

To purchase the products of our company please go to our home page or legitimately authorized dealers.

If customers purchase counterfeit items which cause problems, accidents, and damage, all responsibility will be of our customers’ responsibility; our company will not assume any responsibility.


Our company is making every effort to identify and eliminate manufacturers and vendors of counterfeit items. If you as our customer discover a counterfeit item, we request your cooperation in reporting the violation or requesting elimination of said item(s).


Because the heads made by our company are made of unique materials and special body structure, they would be impossible to produce outside of our company. Inasmuch as counterfeits mimic outward appearances, they would be low-launching high-spin “non-flying heads.”



Counterfeit items (fakes)

● The head is sold separately

● Said to be: a professionally-supplied product; overseas-only model; unused or used; obtained from tourist agencies and official manufacturer

● There is no official head cover



Other Instances

• The shaft is attached and sold as a club.

• There are items with a forged warranty card is attached.

• There are instances of domestic vendors selling counterfeit items purchased from counterfeit manufacturers in China.

• There are counterfeit items refurbished by purchases or sold as used.


We do not accept enquiries regarding authenticity or inauthenticity of individual items.


If you or to re-sell or purchase counterfeit items, it might unintentionally involve you in illegal civil and criminal actions; please use caution.


The manufacture and sale of counterfeit items are offences subject to criminal prosecution, and both are considered crimes of fraud. Infringement of other intellectual property rights; patent rights; and possession of counterfeits,  acts of exporting and transferring counterfeit items, for these crimes of infringement the maximum imprisonment is 10 years, and the maximum fine is 10-million yen in Japan.