Conforming to SLE rules

The most user friendly, flying FW
Flying at 5W, whereas other companies are at 3W,
At 3W, its friendliness is 5W of other companies

As to its performance,
the general stainless and mariaging-steel made heads cannot compare to it.
Its maximally thin, full titanium body is powerful,
ensuring surplus weight up to 125g, commonly thought impossible.
The Monster FW has been perfected, equipped with enhanced and reinforced DSI technology.
At the back of the head is a 65g anti-roll power booster,
and a 60g low-spin unit is attached in the front.
The power-spring body sandwiched between them
releases high initial-velocity balls at 2.0m/s faster than those of other companies.
It is a high-performance FW with overwhelming performance in achieving height and distance of +15 yards, coupled with unparalleled ease of usage.

To see what DSI technology is,
See the technology in the video



Head Clubs F2 F3 F5 F7
Loft (˚) 13 15 18 21
Face angle (˚) Straight
Lie angle (˚) 57 57 58 58.5
Material/ manufacturing method High strength titanium TDW / Forged
Volume (cc) 210 205 185 170
Sole finish ○ : Mirror / ● : black metallic(+2,000yen)
Club setting
Length 43 43 42.5 42 Balance Gross weight( g )
Flex Recommended
F2 F3 F5 F7 F3 F5
S 42~50 ○● ○● ○● ○● D2 329 332
SR 39~44 ○● ○● ○● ○● D1.5 318 321
R 36~42 ○● ○● ○● ○● D1 309 312
R2 32~38 ○● ○● ○● ○● D1 304 309

○● is the standard setting, the others are custom made to order

Specialized shaft TourAD RYOMA RF2

Specialized shaft TourAD RYOMA RF2
All-purpose type with high meeting ratio.

The sensation of the head is easily perceived while swinging; the specialized RYOMA F shaft is of superior functionality and stability. It is an all-purpose shaft for every kind of golfer swing.

Click here for more details about the shaft

Flying distance club settings

Flex Wt TQ KP
63 3.5 MID
SR 58 4.2
R 47 4.6
R2 43 5.0
42 5.7 TIP

■Conforming to SLE rules ■ Open price
■ Made in Japan (head cover made in China)