44.5 inches. SLE rules complian

Flight distance is upped by 10 to 15 yards compared to other ladies’ clubs.
It is a “high performance club” which makes easy to make the ball fly.

For women golfers who want to enjoy golf all the time
Women's "high-performance driver," hitherto unprecedented, is born!
It is fully packed with DSI technology which makes it more easy to use, so that the golfer can strike the ball further than anybody else.
The initial velocity of the ball is + 1.5 m / s, backspin amount - 800 rpm, and sweet area 3.1 times *
The original shaft whose head makes to fly without curving, with an easy-to-hit core, the golfer will accomplish big long-distance hits and runs. Its performance is incomparable to any club in existence; it is a driver which greatly enhances scoring*Compare the head to other companies

Q&A concerning the driver
To see what DSI technology is,
See the technology in the video



Head 11.5 12.5
Face angle (˚) +1 +2
Lie angle (˚) 60.25
Volume (cc) 460
Material / Manufacturing method High strength titanium TX II / Forged
Crown painting Black metallic
Sole finish Super mirror
Length Flex 11.5 12.5 Recommended HS Gross weight Balance
R2   30~38 286 C8
L   ~35 278 C4
is the standard setting, the others are custom made to order

■ Specialized shaft TourAD M2-D

Specialized shaft TourAD M2-D
Strong trajectory and snapping system

It makes the repeating of genuine core hits more probable, it makes the ball fly using a sharp and strong snap. It has an “almighty” characteristic whose grip will make to avoid slicing, regardless of the golfer’s swing type. The shaft is all-purpose, regardless of the level of golfer.

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Flex Wt TQ KP
R2 44 5.2 MID
42 5.9 TIP

■Conforming to SLE rules ■ Open price
■ Made in Japan (head cover made in China)