Umakunaru Cup

Umakunaru Cup

40% of scores is from putting.
The cup that improves your game is designed to be more difficult than actual putting.
That is why you will naturally improve!

One can practice authentic putting in the living room, the office, the green, or anywhere.

This kind of ball would never go in the hole!

As to the conventional training cup…
Putting practice on the putter mat will lead to the habit of hitting the ball too hard on the green because of practicing on the mat with the cup set on top of an incline… we have heard this said often.
Also, because cups made of rubber make no sound, one cannot sense the cup-in.
Designed with the professional touch in mind
Its design is more complicated than the actual cup. Balls that have been hooked or spun with slicing, balls which were missed by the core, and balls that spin poorly will not go in the cup.
Because cup-in is possible only when one can hit the ball with a professional-level touch, one’s putting ability will naturally improve; it is the “cup that will improve your game.”
You will know cup-in because of the sound
Because it is metallic, one will know the cup-in with the realistic sound of the ball going into the cup on the green.


How to use 3WAY

Three kinds of slopes correspond to varying green speeds.


The slower green

Assuming the green is slower, the slope angle is designed to be at 21.5°. If the ball is not hit hard enough, it will not go in the cup.


The faster green

Assuming the green is faster, the slope angle is designed to be 12.2°. If the ball is hit too hard, it will pop out.


Medium speed

Assuming the surface is flat, the slope angle is designed to be 19.8°. Only the just-right touch will make the ball go in.