Hairu stroke

Hairu stroke

Acquiring the natural stroke

Using the “hairu” stroke, one will naturally acquire the habit, without forcing the issue, strongly, the “pendulum stroke” as practiced by most professionals.
One’s usual stroke gets guided to become the “hairu” stroke, which increases cup-in probability.

● The groove becomes straight and square ● One will be able to strike using the direct core ● One’s ball will spin correctly and roll well

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If one’s stroke is correct then the face side will get
maintained in the square, and furthermore, the ball
will roll with the correct spin.

The putting stroke is based on the pendulum swing stroke as practiced by professional golfers. However, most amateur golfer use a horizontal stroke of the head crawling on the ground, which is the result of the mistaken idea that “hitting the head square onto the ball = moving the head horizontally relative the ground.”
That kind of stroke makes square maintenance of the face difficult, and furthermore, because the impact would be that of the head pushing the ball, the resistance of the grass will hinder the rolling of the ball.

Wrong stroke Correct stroke


Please teach me Kanatani Pro! Question What is the correct putting stroke? Answer It is a pendulum motion with the base of the neck as the starting point.

Many amateur golfers have the mistaken idea that “the putter is to be lowered as much as possible, it is to be pulled back straight and then brought straight forward.” The face that gets maintained square will naturally face upward in the follow, which gives rise to the ball that rolls correctly.
The important thing about putting is to hit the ball with strength one is comfortable with, as straight as possible toward the target, making the ball roll as smoothly as possible.The Hairu stroke will make one to acquire a correct follow and appropriate touch; it is a training tool that makes it possible for the golfer to strike balls that roll like a professional’s.Putting accounts for 40% of scores, and that percentage will get reduced; we promise that all our customers will improve their scores.



While maintaining the face square, one practices swinging while making sure the head does not collide with the rail.


The ball is set, then it is struck in the same way as when swinging the club.
The ball will roll straight, and no other way.