Ryoma GOLF


【Designed for advanced golfers】
Conforming to R&A and USGA rules on SLE

All-round driver designed to
produce a powerful trajectory

The MAXIMA TYPE V driver, while maintaining the tradition of RYOMA MAXIMA drivers that produce an ultra-low spin ball and a straighter flight for an extended roll distance, has a square face angle and a heavier total weight. With this driver, the player can be more aggressive on driver shots. The standard shaft that comes with it has a softer bending profile that enables the player to hit a ball hard without worrying about hooking it, giving the player greater confidence in driver shots. It is an all-round driver for a diverse range of players―from average golfers to serious and professional players.


TourAD M2-V 45.25-inch |standard shaft

Softer bending profile for
aggressive shots
Its added weight and softer overall bending profile enables a player to hit the ball hard with confidence without worrying about hooking it. It satisfies the most demanding advanced golfers.

BEYOND POWER + PLUS 46-inch shaft

Designed for advanced
amateur golfers
This shaft is a refined version of the BEYOND POWER shaft, combining the original’s characteristic that contributes to an increased head speed with an enhancement made to prevent a ball from traveling left. With this shaft, even a hard hit is unlikely to cause the ball to balloon. It is a revolutionary shaft that benefits both average golfers who are not used to a longer shaft and top amateurs in achieving a longer distance and improving their scores.