Ryoma GOLF

Notice of Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit RYOMA products had been confirmed circulating in various markets around the world.

RYOMA has become aware of sales of counterfeits by unauthorized sellers on popular auction and other e-commerce websites, and in flea markets.
The only way to be sure you’re buying a RYOMA product is to buy directly from RYOMA or a RYOMA authorized dealer listed on our website.
Please note that we do not take any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss caused through a counterfeit RYOMA product.

RYOMA takes a strict stance on this issue and is working adamantly to eradicate all such counterfeit products.
If you find a suspected counterfeit RYOMA product, we kindly request your cooperation in reporting the violation or requesting elimination of counterfeit products.

The counterfeit products cannot be copied our special materials and complicated body structure.
The counterfeit products and their packaging are extremely close in appearance to RYOMA products, but they do not meet the high standards of performance, it gives a lower initial velocity and too much backspin to the ball.

Counterfeit items (fakes)
Only head parts sales
Said to be: a professionally-supplied product; overseas-only model; unused or used; obtained from tourist agencies and official manufacturer
Selling without RYOMA official Head cover

Other example
It might be sold with a shaft.
It might come with a fake guarantee card
It might be from a Counterfeit Products dealer in China, and sold by a domestic dealer
It might be sold on an auction site as a second handed head or club

*Please note that we do NOT answer any inquiries of checking whether the product is an authorized or not.

The potential consequences of counterfeiting and/or selling counterfeits can include fines, product confiscation as well as possible imprisonment.