Ryoma GOLF


Conforming to R&A and USGA rules on SLE
MSRP: Discretionary price

High-performance yet forgiving driver
Delivers a 10- to 15-yard longer distance than conventional ladies drivers

This high-performance driver is designed for female golfers who look to improve their scores on the course. RYOMA’s proprietary DSI technology, which delivers both superb forgiveness and distance, makes it possible to hit a ball with an initial velocity of up to 1.5 m/s higher, reduces the ball’s backspin rate by up to 800 rpm, and provides a 3.1-times larger sweet area—all compared with conventional ladies drivers. The MAXIMA TYPE D ladies driver offers a longer ball distance and greater control of direction than most other ladies drivers. The combination of a club head of advanced design and a shaft with a stiffer bending profile makes it easier to hit a ball accurately and keep it from slicing. This induces longer carry and roll distances, which gives a player a great advantage on the second shot.

  • Ball’s initial velocity boosted by 1.7 m/s

    The club head is equipped with the Multi-Beam Cup Face II, which bends inwardly uniformly across the face at ball impact and provides a large sweet area to impart a consistently high initial velocity to a ball regardless of the point of impact on the face. In addition, the power-spring body is designed to make the most of the rebounding characteristic of a ball. As a ball stays on the club face for 20% longer at impact than on conventional club faces, the ball gets compressed to the core before rebounding into shape after release, which makes it possible to hit a ball with an initial velocity of up to 1.7 m/s higher.

  • Ball’s backspin rate down by 900 rpm to create a boring flight

    The MAXIMA TYPE D ladies driver boasts RYOMA’s patented club head structure, which features a low-spin unit, an anti-roll power booster, and an under-press crown and has a center of gravity lowered to the extent that is roughly equivalent to the space between two grove lines on the face. The lower center of gravity of the head and the extended time that a ball stays on the face at impact combine to reduce the ball’s backspin rate by up to 900 rpm, compared with conventional driver heads. This makes the MAXIMA TYPE D ladies driver one of the lowest-spin drivers in the industry. A low-spinning ball released with a higher initial velocity and on a higher trajectory has a tendency to stay on a boring flight before making a gradual descent at a gentle angle toward the ground, on which the ball rolls longer.

  • Optimized and consistent ball launch angle

    The combination of a low-spin unit and an anti-roll power booster enables the player to hit a ball consistently at an optimum launch angle. Even on a horizontally off-center hit, the power-spring body minimizes the wobbling of the club face; on a vertically off-center hit, the bending characteristic of the power-spring body helps optimize the ball launch angle. The MAXIMA TYPE D ladies driver ensures that the ball is launched consistently at an optimum angle regardless of the point of impact on the club face. Aided also by the driver’s ability to hit a lower-spinning ball with a higher initial velocity, the player can experience a significantly longer distance on driver shots.

  • Reduces backspin by 60% to lower the severity of hooks and slices by half

    With conventional drivers, a ball stays on a club face for 4.7 ten-thousandth of a second at impact. With the MAXIMA TYPE D ladies driver, which incorporates the power-spring body, a ball stays on the face for 20% longer—for 5.6 ten-thousandth of a second. This deeper, longer impact of the ball on the face results in up to 60% reduction in the ball’s sidespin rate. Even on an off-center hit, a hooked or sliced ball will lose its sidespin during the flight and return to a straighter flight path toward the target. A diverse range of players—from average golfers to serious and professional players—will have a better chance to improve their scores by taking advantage of the superb directionality that the MAXIMA TYPE D ladies driver offers.

TourAD M2-D 44 .5-inch |standard shaft

Stiffer bending profile for
a powerful trajectory
This flagship shaft is designed to provide a greater chance of hitting the ball dead center with a higher velocity. It makes it easier to hit the ball accurately and keep it from slicing. This all-round shaft ensures consistent performance for golfers of any swing type.